7 Reasons to Steam

Researchers at University of Munich found steam rooms have many health benefits besides just making you feel relaxed. here’s their top 7:

1.   Great for tired and tight muscles. The heat helps your muscles relax and this can extend to joints too.

2.   Muscle tension can cause migraine and headaches. A steam relaxes your muscles and lowers your levels of stress.

3.   When you wash your face with water and cleanser, you only clean the surface layers of the skin but sweating opens the pores allowing for a deeper clean. Making a steam great for your skin!

4.   This deep pore cleansing for your skin is also beneficial in clearing acne

5.   If you have been experiencing congestion problem taking steam or going to a steam room will definitely benefit you. When you inhale steam, the steam opens your airways. Great for allergies, asthma and sinuses (especially with a hint of eucalyptus or lemon myrtle in the vents).

7.  A good Steam can also stimulate blood circulation in your body.

Just remember to stay hydrated during your steam. Sip plenty of water. Also, if you have a heart condition, see you health care professional before going into a steam or sauna. And lastly, no awards for the person who can stand the steam the longest. A 10 minute steam is all you need to enjoy the benefits.