Eat Drink Paleo

Passionate paleo-enthusiast and creator of the hugely popular foodie blog, Eat Drink Paleo, Irena Macri brings a youthful, fresh & accessible approach on her quest for great health and great tasting food.

In Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook, Irena demystifies paleo as a diet, which is becoming its own mainstream pillar of nutrition, and takes a relaxed 80/20 approach, still enjoying the occasional full fat dairy, fruit, dark chocolate and wine – in moderation.

The basics of paleo nutrition is introduced: protein, vegetables, seeds & nuts, along with a handy inventory of foods to focus on and avoid. All recipes are free from grains, gluten, processed sugar and other no-no’s of the paleo and primal philosophy. Far from being restrictive, they showcase the rich flavours, varied ingredients and fun, inventive cooking that can be enjoyed as part of any healthy lifestyle.

Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook takes paleo followers and curious connoisseurs alike on a real-food journey — from breakfast, such as hazelnut pancakes with blood orange syrup; through to dessert, such as chilli chocolate mousse, not to mention the super-tasty dinners, glamorous garden produce and sauces, sides and drinks.

Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook is a must-have for the modern-day hunter-gatherer. Available at