Riding the New Wave of Wellness

Never before has so much money and time been devoted to taking care of ourselves. Gym fees, organic vegies, massages and alternative therapies, essential oils and candles, life coaching… the list goes on. Wonderful, enlightened understandings fuel our enthusiasm and resolve to make a positive change for ourselves.

So why do so many people still say, ‘I’m doing all I can for myself and yet nothing’s changing.’ I see their bereft heart dimly lighting their eyes and feel deeply sad.

What’s missing? Why the hole in the heart?

Too much dependency on the ‘outside’ and not enough alignment on the ‘inside’, no matter how healthy and wise the choices are, is still the problem. If you still haven’t journeyed deeply into the inner space of your own Conscious awareness, no matter what you choose, the change is not likely to be permanent.

To create lasting change from the inside out there are five areas of focus that work together to advance you spiritually and elevate your life. The Five Realities of conscious living are: Remembrance, Radiance, Resonance, Resolution and Ritual. There are spiritual secrets that are at work within us, separate from the surface of life, to provide a higher perspective to inform our choices. They guide and cajole and niggle and laugh out loud in an effort to grab our attention. But do we listen and act on them?

Let’s begin the journey to the centre of our true nature through the Five Realities and explore a few spiritual secrets.

Reality 1: Remembrance
‘Conscious living’ requires a level of wisdom born of deep enquiry about who we are and why we are here. We need to remember who we are and re-member the parts of us that have gone missing. We need to reconnect them to become whole.

Balancing your physical, emotional and mental energies are a daily constant, yes? However, that balance is hard to find if you are not anchored in the warm compassion of your own heart. Self-criticism and unworthiness, ingratitude and fear all keep us from our true essence. And that essence is pure, unadulterated, gracefully blissful love.

Spiritual Secret: ‘I have a Divine purpose’

Reality 2: Radiance
If you want success on all levels of your life, you must dip into the silence, stillness and vast space in your spiritual Heart, and learn to become the witness of all that goes on within and without. Then you will find an equipoise, a beautiful balance that feels like true north. You feel in flow.

Radiating that flowing, harmonious light is what attracts the best into your life. You radiate joy and all the higher qualities of true power. Then your life really takes off.

Self-healing is more effective. Relationships deepen and feel more meaningful.

Spiritual Secret: ‘My Heart has the answer’

Reality 3: Resonance
Once you listen to your Heart’s answers, you will find your intuition explodes, creativity opens up and you are free to create whatever your Heart desires. You begin to resonate to a higher power. You find a new level of spiritual Guidance is available.

Spiritual Secret: ‘I am all-seeing, all-knowing’

Reality 4: Resolution
So how will you serve? What does fulfilling your spiritual purpose look like in the world? Centering yourself through meditation will take you into your higher Self. It will also focus and polish the mind as an amazingly powerful tool to be all you resolve to be. Can you resolve your past, can you forgive others and can you resolve to follow a higher Will?

Spiritual Secret: ‘I give in gratitude and open to Grace’

Reality 5: Ritual
Bring the beautiful experiences of spa life into conscious living by creating a daily ritual that supports the inner you. Use the secrets to make choices mindfully in your day. That means being acutely aware of why you are giving your body pure water and food, sleeping long enough, exercising in ways that are compatible with your personality, body type and general nature.

Devotion is a beautiful state of the Heart. When you create meaningful rituals based on conscious awareness, a deeper foundation of meaning comes into being to support you – constantly.

Build the muscle of self-trust by acknowledging your efforts and your choices.

The Five R’s of Spiritual Self-leadership
Remembrance – remembering who you are and what you truly need
Radiance – radiating higher and finer energy, joyfully
Resonance – resonating with higher guidance and your spiritual powers
Resolution – resolving to serve and live in conscious cooperation with the Divine
Ritual – ritualising your practices to build powerful habits that serve and support you

Take these five spiritual realities consciously into your world of love, abundance, health and happiness and watch how extraordinary your new reality becomes.

The full range of spiritual secrets is available in my book ‘Gorgeous All Over ~ a daily guide for women with spirit’ at www.gorgeousallover.com.

Indira Kennedy is Director of Conscious Leadership and author of ‘Gorgeous All Over ~ a daily guide for women with spirit’. She is a certified executive coach and trained spiritual healer and teacher.